SWALife is an exclusive online portal for employees of Southwest Airlines. Swalife.com lets the employee to have a plesant travel by allowing them to create, recover, and cancel their non-revenue listing on the go via online and mobile app. SWA Crew members, SWA employees, and the retiree can access the southwest airlines employee login portal at www.swalife.com using the SWA ID and password.

The Retiree login can be found at the SWA life portal. The online portal is mainly used by employees, crew members, and retiree too.

SWALife Login Page | www.swalife.com

Being the world’s best low-cost carrier airplane service, The airways offer very low-priced airline tickets with top-notch experiences and services for its customers. South West Airlines is one of the most recognized airway company which provides cheap flight tickets and the best in class flight journey experiences and great customers service.

It is one of the largest European carriers, has had trouble getting a seat in the next available section as more foreign carriers and their low fares compete for space.

The decision could save Australian small plane operators the cost of upgrading from existing aircraft because it reduces the number of aircraft to be manufactured and installed on the country’s fleet of around 30 aircraft.

South West Airlines (SWA), which in the past has been hit by a barrage of complaints from passengers alleging poor service and lack of safety, in addition to an ongoing dispute.

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Access SWALife Login

The full-time employees had to access the online portal to check any updates about health benefits or insurance programs, Job notifications, year plans, employment training, internship program, leadership offers, and several other benefits. All these are controlled and managed by SWA Life Foundation which acts as the employee security service.

  • Visit the above link and access the login page for employees.
  • Enter the authentication information. ie., SWA ID and Password.
  • Click on the “SUBMIT” button and after validation, you will get access to the Employment identity service.

SWA Retiree

The retired employees of South West Airlines wanted to check their tax-filling instructions, benefit plans, retirement options, and many other facilities. So they might need to access the online portal. There is a separate portal that is only meant for the SWA Retired employees.

SWALife Retiree Login

A separate login page is available for SWA Retiree which can be found from the southwest employee login page. Find out how to access the retiree sign-in page.

  • Visit the above link and access the swalife retiree login page.
  • Enter the authentication information. ie., SWA ID and SWA Password.
  • Click on the "GO" button and after validation, you will get access to the Employment identity service.

NOTE: In case if there is any issue, try accessing the "Password Manager" to request a change of password for SWA ID.


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